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A Message From Amanda

A Message From Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda.

I have always been crazy passionate about self-care. I think I was born that way and it’s just kept growing bigger, deeper, and stronger ever since. It’s just in my DNA!

A big part of self-care for me has always been the way I look. It’s important to me to present well. So by the time I turned 40 I’d exhausted every beauty regime out there in a fierce attempt to keep a youthful appearance. I literally spent thousands trying everything. Botox and filler became a regular part of my beauty routine. 

Even at that time, there was a small voice inside me that wondered just what it was that I was putting on and into my body but I was always quick to silence that voice. Back then, my outward appearance mattered more to me than my internal well-being..

And then one day the inevitable happened. I went for a filler injection and my body simply rejected the filler. It had had enough. I later learned that no matter how natural something is, the body’s defense mechanism wants to protect you from foreign substances. My system encapsulated the filler forming a hard lump under my one eye. In a desperate effort to get rid of it I kept going for further injections that were meant to dissolve it. I found myself caught up in this endless cause and effect cycle. This is not good I knew, but what to do?

Later that year I was in Europe and stumbled upon a facial treatment that blew my mind. It was the first time that I had seen a visible difference in the structure of my face. It looked sculpted and chiseled! My skin looked and felt light, fresh, and rejuvenated! So I started researching and soon learned that this treatment wasn’t new. It wasn’t some advanced technology. It was an ancient practice dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The Samurai Warriors and Geishas at that time used it to keep up their youthful appearance. And that is when it all began - my investigative journey into the fascinating world of beauty practices mostly unheard of in North America today. 

I wanted to educate myself. I wanted to know everything about skin - how it functions, its capabilities, what makes it dry vs oily, why some struggle with acne, and others rosacea or eczema. I wanted to challenge everything I’d been led to believe about the skin - discover what was true and what wasn’t. Did we really need such invasive techniques? If the liver can regenerate itself why not the skin? If we can tone the muscles in our body then why not the face?

As it turns out, I had every reason to challenge the beauty industry. Digging into product label after label, claim after claim, it became crystal clear to me that what was really being sold was an excellent story.  Look 20 years younger! Freeze time! This billion-dollar industry was preying on people’s insecurities, their need to hold on to their youth and look a certain way. Fear is a powerful thing. When you push the self-esteem button, you can sell anything.

My quest to topple this beauty charade eventually took me to Germany where I learned many of the techniques that inspired my development of the “Radical Radiance Regime” that brings together both ancient skin techniques and modern scientific research. And the beautiful thing is beautiful skin is really quite simple. 

I am now on a mission to share my knowledge, to shine a light on all the complexity the beauty industry generates in order to sell empty promises. Join me in throwing away everything that the beauty industry has trained us to believe about what it takes to stay beautiful. Let’s stand up and say ‘no more’. Join my quiet rebellion. It’s a beautiful thing.

See you soon!

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