Cell Story® is the newest form of meso-therapy without needles. This Korean founded technology is a plant based non-invasive alternative to microneedling. It’s innovative 8-step program includes top ingredients like stem cells, growth factors and amino acids by utilizing Micro-Spear® technology. 

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Our Signature Treatment

Radical Radiance Regime™

  • Thorough cleansing of the face and neck area
  • Application of 8 serums including Micro-Spear®
  • Spicules are gently worked into the skin (4 minutes) Note: slight heat and a prickling sensation can be expected 
  • Calming, skin soothing gel is applied
  • 111Skin Face Calming Mask (15 minutes)
  • Choice of hand/arm or scalp massage while mask is on
  • Finishing products containing stem cells, growth factors, amino acids and more are applied
  • Glowing skin & smooth texture 
  • Naturally stimulates collagen & elastin
  • Gentle exfoliation and cell turn over
  • Evens complexion, lightens hyper-pigmentation & sunspots
  • Heals acne scars
  • Prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • Non-invasive microneedling alternative


  • Must wait two weeks after Botox and four weeks after filler to have treatment
  • Must stop all retinols, AHA/BHA’s, or any actives one week before treatment 


  • Recommend waiting 24 hours if injectables are performed after treatment (speak with your injector directly)
  • Mild redness may occur and fluctuate for 24-hours after the treatment
  • Skin may feel dry when mild cell turn over begins 24-72 hours after treatment, Medical grade skincare is recommended to help the skin barrier remain nourished and hydrated
  • Avoid direct sunlight for one week post treatment (tanning or outdoor exposure for no longer than 15 minutes. Hat and mineral sunscreen is always recommended)
  • No sauna or hot/ sweaty workouts for 24-hours post treatment
  • No swimming for 24-hour post treatment
  • No makeup recommended for 24-hours after treatment
  • No laser treatments such as IPL, Fraxel, BBL for 3-4 weeks after treatment

Cell Story® is unique because of its ability to improve the skin’s absorption rate through its patented Micro-Spear® technology. Micro-Spear® is a micro-sized structure (spicule) coated with its “Yellow Calming Complex”, making it a more complete spicule. Now you must be wondering, what is a Spicule? Spicules form the exoskeleton of marine sponges and are made of silica, calcium carbonate, or spongin, a tough protein. Some of the best ingredients for our skin like growth factors and stem cells can't simply be applied topically. The molecule size is too large and instead of penetrating deep where change is made, it will sit on the top of our skin. Micro-Spear® innovative technology has allowed the possibility of absorption of these ingredients without having to perform an invasive treatment like microneedling. 

Ingredients include; 

Growth Factors, Plant Stem Cells, Amino Acid Complex’s, Centella, Panthenol (B5), Yellow Calming Complex, and more.

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